Hi! My name is Anuoluwapo, and I'm a graduate of Pharmacy from Nigeria.

I currently lead the design team at Voyance - a B2B SaaS Company using Machine Learning, AI and Computer Vision to solve data problems for businesses.

My design journey started in 2011 when I was experimenting with different design tools. I worked as a graphic designer for a few years while leading the IT team at my local church in school. I also led the design team for Nigeria’s largest and foremost Mental Health Organization for about 2 years, which helped me understand how important design is for people who are struggling with mental health issues. I spent a few months afterwards consulting for a design agency here in Nigeria.

In 2017, I got into product design full-time—and it's been amazing! I have worked with both small and large teams. I have worked on Fintech, eCommerce products and health products; most recently as a senior UX designer at one of Kenya’s largest banks - Equity Bank. During this time, I mentored and taught design for a couple of months at one of the popular design schools in Nigeria - Stutern.

My dream is to create innovative designs that help people improve their quality of life through designing products that are easy to use.