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ColoursNG: an innovative project generating diverse, authentic colour palettes from Twitter pictures for designers seeking unique options.

ColoursNG is a groundbreaking personal project offering diverse colour palettes curated from random Twitter users' photos. This initiative aims to provide designers with more accurate and various colour options, reflecting real-life people and situations. Traditional colour palettes often need to improve in representing true-to-life colours, but ColoursNG addresses this issue by using actual images from social media.

Creating palettes with ColoursNG involves manually selecting Twitter images based on colour variety and quality, extracting colours using, and compiling them into palettes. Future updates will incorporate AI for a more efficient and consistent palette creation process.

Designers across different fields, including branding, graphic design, and product design, have embraced ColoursNG for its authenticity and relatability. Projects can better resonate with specific demographics or cultural groups using real-life colours. The integration of AI in the future will further streamline the process, allowing designers to easily access even more genuine colour options.

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