Five Figma plugins that are worth your attention

I want to share with you five of my current favourite Figma plugins that have significantly streamlined my workflow. These tools cover everything from table creation to icons to automated flow creation, offering a comprehensive suite to elevate your design process.

Table Creator

If you're looking to create and customize tables in Figma, the Table Creator plugin by Gavin McFarland is the perfect tool for you. It has been adopted by over 206,000 people so far, attesting to its functionality and reliability.

Table Creator lets you create custom-styled tables that can be resized, edited, and automatically adjusted to content. You can control the design of your tables by modifying the components. It also offers the convenience of updating all tables whenever your design changes. For more complex tables, there's even a Table Creator Starter Kit to guide you.

You can check out the plugin here.


If you're dealing with data in your design, the Sparkliner plugin by Oleg Frolov is a must-have tool. This plugin allows you to create beautiful tiny graphs with just a few clicks.

You can easily import your data from Excel, CSV, or JSON, or simply type it in manually. The plugin also provides a Shuffle feature, allowing you to generate multiple variants of your data to identify patterns and derive insights. You can access the Sparkliner plugin here.


Designing flowcharts and diagrams in Figma becomes incredibly easy with the Autoflow plugin by David Zhao and Yitong Zhang. With over half a million users, Autoflow is celebrated for its ability to automagically draw flow arrows.

Some standout features of Autoflow include intelligent obstacle detection, custom path routing, and auto-update on moving. You can also annotate your paths and choose from multiple terminal styles. Autoflow is free for up to 50 flows per file, and unlimited flows are available for a one-time fee. Explore the Autoflow plugin here.


Offering a comprehensive library of over 2,400 icons, the RemixIcon plugin by Remix Design is another tool worth adding to your Figma toolkit. All the icons in RemixIcon are crafted with readability, consistency, and perfect pixels in mind.

The icons are available in both "Outlined" and "Filled" styles, all based on a 24x24 grid. This makes them suitable for a variety of design contexts. What's more, all the icons are free for both personal and commercial use. You can check out the RemixIcon plugin here.

Random Name Generator

For designers who need to populate text layers with random names, the Random Name Generator plugin by Dario Ferderber is a great resource. With this tool, you can choose a gender and select whether you want a full name, first name, or last name.

You can select text layers and run the plugin to populate them with random names, or just run the plugin and get a new text layer with a random name. Support Dario Ferderber by buying him a coffee here. The Random Name Generator plugin can be accessed here.

These five Figma plugins can significantly improve your design workflow. Try them out and see the difference they can make in your projects!

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