My Tech Nation Global Talent Endorsement

Tech Nation is a UK-based organisation that empowers ambitious tech entrepreneurs to grow faster through knowledge and connections. As an endorsing body designated by the Home Office, Tech Nation assesses applications for the Global Talent Visa in the digital technology sector. By receiving an endorsement from Tech Nation, talented individuals in the digital sector can demonstrate their exceptional talent or promise and gain the opportunity to work and contribute to the UK's thriving tech community.

I will share my experience applying for the Tech Nation endorsement in this blog post. I will provide insights into the submitted documents, the mandatory and optional criteria I addressed, and how I demonstrated my exceptional talent as a Product Designer (UI/UX).

My Tech Nation Endorsement Journey:

I recently received a Tech Nation endorsement, showcasing my promise as a Product Designer (UI/UX). Here's a detailed overview of the documents and evidence I submitted during the application process.

Documents Submitted:

Personal statement (974 words): I discussed my journey into the tech industry despite studying pharmacy, my work at an NGO, building three open-source tools, working as Head of Design at my current company, my work as a teaching assistant and mentor, and my aspirations to contribute to the UK Tech Community while outlining my living arrangements.

3 Reference letters: From the Founder of the NGO I worked at, The CEO of my current company, and the Co-founder of another company I work at.

3-paged CV

Mandatory Criteria:

Recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology sector: I highlighted my work at my current company, the acquisition of one of the products I designed, and the project results. I provided evidence of my role as Head of Design, stock options, Figma screenshots, and the company's Crunchbase profile.

High salary for my services: I compared my pay at my current company with Payscale and Glassdoor, attaching screenshots and stock options. I also included wages from my other jobs.

Leading the growth of a non-profit organisation: I discussed my work at the NGO, the impact of my designs, and how my designs for a mental health campaign helped pass a new mental health law in Nigeria.

Leading an open-source project: I showcased my Figma plugin, Tints and Shades, including a screenshot of the design, a review on the Figma community, and its 26k+ installs.

Optional Criteria Addressed:

Recognised for work outside of my immediate occupation: I detailed my career as a Teaching Assistant and Mentor, speaking engagements at two events, and the impact of my mentorship on students. I provided screenshots of email and flyer invites and the appreciation package I received.

Significant technical, commercial, or entrepreneurial contribution: I presented three open-source projects I founded and led - Tints and Shades, ColoursNG and Sitesnap. I included screenshots of the projects, Figma designs, and websites recommending one of these tools.

Development of high-impact digital products or services: I elaborated on my work at a different startup and the impact of my design. I attached screenshots of the company's Crunchbase profile, my Figma designs, and a LinkedIn recommendation from the Founder.

My Tech Nation endorsement journey was a rewarding experience that allowed me to showcase my skills, achievements, and aspirations in the digital technology sector. My experience can guide and inspire others looking to apply or awaiting their results, and wishing you all the best in your Tech Nation endorsement journey!

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